Rio Fashion Week

January 9, 2010

Melk Z-Da


Giulia Borges

Lucas Nascimento

The winter collections shown in this 16th edition of the Rio Fashion Week are, well, not particularly carioca (the city’s demonym). The 27 designers that participate in the event are in a very sober mood. Gray and black, Gothic and heavy metal elements intertwine – think of Wolverine, depressed.

One of the exceptions is Cantão’s collection, which offers all the color you can handle. You should also pay attention to Lucas Nascimento, a Brazilian that lives in London, that designed some very unconventional knitted pieces.

The overall theme of the event is the Olympics (Rio will host the Games in 2016) and the local press defined the atmosphere as patriotic and euphoric.

Oskar Metsavaht, owner and designer of Osklen, a fast-growing carioca brand, presented the T-shirt he designed for the campaignRio, eu te amo (Rio, I love you). It publicizes the local version of the Cities of Love film franchise, that recently  released “Paris, je t’aime” and “New York, I love you”.  Fernando Meirelles (the director of “Cidade de Deus/City of God” and “The Constant Gardener”) and José Padilha (“Tropa de Elite/Elite Squad”) will direct segments of the new feature.

You can watch all the runway shootings here, in the official Rio Fashion Week website. The event, that began this Friday, will close on Wednesday.


Walter Rodrigues


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