Farewell, White Feather

February 9, 2010

Brazil is mourning – well,  those that have some musical memory are – the passing of Pena Branca. For almost five decades he partnered with his brother Xavantinho in a duo essential to the national country music. Even after Xavantinho’s death,  11 years ago, Pena Branca pursued a solo career that led to a Latin Grammy, in 2001, awarded to “Semente Caipira”.

Best of Pena Branca and Xavantinho

Pena Branca and Xavantinho authored some great música caipira (melancholic songs inspired by rural life, played with acustic guitars and normally sang by a couple of contrasting voices). The duo was one of the last successful representatives of a musical form that is slowly fading out, substituted by música sertaneja, the highly commercial Brazilian copy of  American country music.



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  2. Love those guys. RIP Pena.

  3. Unfortunately, I haven’t reached him in the music industry but now it comes to my knowlegde with the country mourning his death.

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