Brazilian ballet – but you can call it capoeira

February 14, 2010

Few export products are as successful as capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial art that mixes dance and music in exquisite way. You can certainly find a good capoeira school near you, no matter if you are in Lithuania or China.

If you still didn’t fall for it, you will, after watching this beautiful video, made by D’un Autre Monde, a French group that produces coreographies inspired by capoeira.

Check also this post, about “Besouro”, a film about a famous capoeirista who defied gravity and the Devil. Choreographed by Huen Chiu Ku, that worked in “The Matrix” and “The Tiger and the Dragon”, it has been recently released in Brazil and is beginning its international career.



  1. Grrrreat !

  2. Capoeira is such an intriguing and beautiful artform. Just watching it weaves you into it’s web of fascination.

    • I envy so badly people with such grace and flexibility. No wonder is a world success.

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