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Brazilian born with a French passport and an American husband – I am your ultimate globetrotter. I lived most of my life in São Paulo – the crazy, impossible, lovely 17-million-people metropolis -, but traveled extensively around Brazil in search of sanity.

After concluding my studies (Biology and Journalism) at Universidade de São Paulo, I worked for several media projects (daily papers Folha de S. Paulo and Gazeta Mercantil, and Veja weekly magazine) and non-profit organizations (such as Instituto Socioambiental, Instituto Akatu and Greenpeace). I also worked with former congressman Fabio Feldmann, an outspoken environmentalist, and several Brazilian corporations, namely Banco Real (Santander Group). During my two-year Parisian phase, in the nineties, I worked for Radio France Internationale. Since 2004 I have been living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

I authored or co-authored several books on environmental issues – all of them published in Portuguese.  I was also honored by the 2002 Reuters-IUCN Press award for Latin America and by the 2004 Prêmio Ethos.

Dieta, Nutricao e Cancermanual de negócios

Como Cuidar da Nossa AguaComunicacao e Meio AmbienteFormacao e Informacao Ambiental

Currently I am writing for two Brazilian magazines – Página 22 and Brasil Sustentável – and I am also blogging in Portuguese on international environmental topics.

P.S.- The wonderful picture used as header in this blog was taken by my husband, Lenny Hoffman, at the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro.



  1. Parabéns!!! Mto bacana! Sucesso!

  2. Hi Regina,

    Thanks for the comment and elogios. What’s most important is that you start somewhere, as I’m sure you know being a writer yourself. A couple days ago, I wrote about another blog (The Good Blood) which showed me there’s so much I can’t cover on just my site alone. Good luck to you! I will add you on my Links page ;)

    • Very cool, thanks!

  3. Regina,

    You’re doing what should have been done long ago, which is to give a correct, balanced and filtered-for-gringos view of Brazil. Yes, this is the real Brazil, not the export version.

    Keep at it!

    Christopher Wells

  4. Hi Regina!
    Congratulations on Deep Brazil. It is very well done and has a balanced view. Wish you great success!
    Parabéns pelo blog!

  5. Regina: Parabens! This is a fabulous site. I am especially interested in your environmental work with Fabio Feldman. I am writing a book about the ‘contracultura’ of the 1970s and I’m curious about any links with the environmentalist moment. Abraços, cd

    • Thank you so much, Christopher. Let’s definitely talk about contracultura and environmentalism. Yes there are links (several non-profits and, definitely, Partido Verde had a hippiesque beginning). On the other hand, most of the leaders of the environmental movement have either conservative/conventional/upper class/academic backgrounds or trade union/resistance against the dictatorship/catholic orientation. Naturally, some of these leaderships have a mix of these characteristics. I will write to your email and we can exchange some ideas.

  6. Regina,
    Gostei muito de seu trabalho. Vamos trocar informacoes e ideias. No mes de marco, estarei dando um seminario sobre “Doing Business in Brazil” e gostaria de citar seu blog.

    Voce vem eventualmente para SD?


  7. Olá Regina!

    Parabéns pelo ótimo Blog. Realmente gostei muito.

    Eu tenho um Podcast de Português para estrangeiros juntamente com um Blog. Gostaria de saber se você se interessa em algum tipo de parceria?


    de Minas Gerais,


  8. Regininha!!!Tudo bem?
    Adorei seu novo site, que acessei por indicação do Chris!
    O texto sobre brasileiros está ótimo!


  9. Lindona, tenho te visto de vez em quando e tenho gostado muito, continue assim, quando vier por aqui avise. Beijos.

  10. Regina,

    Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. This is a VERY good blog you run here. Will promote is as much as possible. Congrats. Like you say, finding good quality stuff in English about Brasil is hard.

    Just so you are aware, when we lived in Brasil, Dave wrote a blog about his experience as a gringo in Natal – most of what you find on the web is about the south so you might like to know about it in case you get questions about the Northeast: http://www.maclure.blogspot.com.

    Ate a proxima!

    Rachel Maclure

    • Thanks, Rachel! I checked Dave’s blog and it is cool in so many senses. The posts about plastic surgery are pretty interesting. Also, most expat blogs seem to be written by Americans, and I want to offer here different visions. Take care and good luck. Regina

  11. Hello Regina
    I was looking your blog. Nice work!
    I also lived in São Paulo.
    Take care!

  12. Regina – The link you used in your email to solicit advice on the new layout doesn’t work. By hitting home I did get to the post, however, when I clicked to leave a comment it was too broken.
    Just wanted to let you know about this.

    Regarding the blog re-design, this blog has the same problems most all of them do — they are very narrow and you have to scroll… scroll… scroll… to find a what you are looking for or see what you have to offer. Oftentimes people don’t bother so they miss lots of great stuff you have on the side. I’d like a wider site with “boxed” organization at the top. I like the layout of the Good Blood site for example.

    I know first hand how damn hard this is! I just put a website using wordpress.COM app. It has lots of drawbacks regarding navigation but we are starting out so we had to go cheap – as in FREE. Check it out at http://www.minasinternational.com

    Good luck!


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