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Brazil in the news

February 28, 2010

Every Sunday you will find here the latest news about Brazil published by the international media.

The EconomistThe Money Trail – “Corruption in Brazil: Many corruption scandals stem from the high cost of politics, and unrealistically tight campaign-finance rules”

Financial TimesBrazil to reverse easing as inflation fears rise (you need a free registration to read this)

The New York TimesStronger Fidel Castro Meets With Brazil President

Washington Post US presses Brazil on Iran sanctions

The TimesThe gun-toting boys from Brazil who rule Rio’s ‘Corner of Fear’

BloombergGol Says Brazil Demand to Grow Up to 18% as Economy Expands

Banco do Brasil Plans Capital Boost, May Sell Shares

Brazil May Create Company to Boost Fertilizer Output

Brazil to Build an Additional Million Homes for Poor

Brazil’s January Unemployment Rate Rises to 7.2%

Brazil’s Real Heads for Biggest Advance in World This Month

Brazil February Inflation Rose to Fastest Since 2003

ReutersANALYSIS-Brazil economy well-placed for election year swings

JPMorgan may buy stake in Brazil’s Gavea: report

Brasil Foods export sales plummet in 2009

Brazil’s CSN sees 2010 steel sales up by a third

Brazil cenbank: ready to act to keep stability

Petrobras makes two oil finds in Campos Basin

Clinton seen pushing Iran on Latin America trip

Green Futures magazineRainforest revival: has Brazil turned the tide on deforestation?


Weekly Headlines

February 27, 2010

This week, Isto É reveals details of the Mensalão, one of the many on-going political scandals (a big group of congressman that were receiving a “monthly salary” to vote legislation favored by president Lula’s party, Partido dos Trabalhadores). Veja talks about the latest revolution in cosmetics and Época covers the production of a series of films about psychic Chico Xavier, that died eight years ago but who sill has a huge following.


Weekly Headlines

February 20, 2010

Minister Dilma Rousseff, Lula’s chosen candidate for the next presidential elections, speaks to both Época and Veja magazines this week. It is her first series of interviews since she was officially declared candidate by Lula’s party, Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT). She talks about her cancer and recent plastic surgeries, proposes an even bigger presence of the state in the economy and challenges those who accuse her of being Lula’s puppet  (namely her many opponent in the dispute, São Paulo governor José Serra) to proof they have more experience in governing than herself.

Isto É talks about the healing powers of meditation.


Weekly Headlines

February 13, 2010

This week, Época discusses the prison of governor José Roberto Arruda (from Distrito Federal, that includes Brazil’s capital Brasília), on charges of corruption. Veja offers a typical Summer cover story – how to avoid the “accordion effect” and keep thin -, while Isto É praises ambition.


Weekly Headlines

February 6, 2010

This week, Veja covers the 45 days of non-stop rain in the Southeast region (that includes Rio and São Paulo), that it attributes to a “rare conjunction of meteorological factors”, including the elevation of the temperature of the South Atlantic waters. I wrote about the violent resulting floods recently. Época goes with the progress of the bionics science and Isto É goes for an unexpected topic: government officially  liberated the use of an hallucinogenic tea by the followers of Santo Daime, a cult that developed in the end of the 19th century in the Amazon and, today, is also practiced in the US and Europe.


Weekly Headlines

January 16, 2010

No surprises here. Haiti is on the cover of the two main Brazilian weekly magazines, that also stress the work of Zilda Arns, that perished in the earthquake. They even chose the exact same picture – which is quite extraordinary, considering the huge volume of awful images available. Isto É, on the other hand, published a cold cover story – the 100 most influential personalities of Brazil and the world.


Haiti is here

January 13, 2010
Zilda Arns

Zilda Arns

O Haiti é aqui. O Haiti não é aqui” (Haiti is here. Haiti is not here), sings Caetano Veloso. Today this sounds quite prophetic. The catastrophic earthquake that destroyed Haiti – a country that has its own share of misfortunes – had also a big impact in Brazil.

The Brazilian Army coordinates the United Nations Peace Force, created after the huge 2004 rebellion, and keeps over 1,200 men deployed in Haiti. Eleven of them died yesterday. The earthquake also killed Zilda Arns Neumann. This 75-year-old pediatrician, three times nominated for the Peace Nobel Prize, was the coordinator of Pastoral da Criança, a non-profit linked to the Catholic Church that accumulates victories in the fight against child mortality. The Pastoral has 238,000 volunteers, follows closely the health evolution of almost 1.6 million Brazilian children, and has similar projects in 20 countries, including Haiti.

A few Brazilian organizations are working in the after-earthquake effort. One of them is Viva Rio, that transferred to Bel Air, a slum close to Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, their expertise in fighting urban violence. They helped promoting peace treaties, creating a security brigade and teaching capoeira. Now, they are collecting donations. Brazilian government also announced it will send $ 15 million and 28 tons of food to the Haitians.